Break Boundaries is dedicated to helping people with mobility impairments increase their independence and improve their quality of life.

The tools and technology we provide empower you to take control of your environment. If you have only the slightest movement in your hand or head, or can speak a verbal command, you can independently control many of devices throughout your home or facility room. Not only can we provide you with a system to control your environment, we can supply the devices that are not already in your home, and facilitate complete installation for the more "technical" pieces.

Our goal is to provide solutions for the unique problems and circumstances you face every day. If you or a loved one has Multiple Sclerosis, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig's Disease), Cerebral Palsy, Huntington's Disease, Spinal Cord Injuries, or any other disability that limits your/their ability to turn off the lights, make a telephone call, open a door, or a number of other tasks, we can help you to discover something that is truly life changing. We can help you Break Boundaries and take control of your world.


"This is one of the first environmental control products that is not only easy to use but easy to set up. In fact, set up can be done by the user. It's design is very clean, sleek, and accessible. I particularly like the fact that it allows for multiple access methods, including voice, direct select, and switch access. This is so important when we're working with someone whose disability might affect access on a daily basis. I also like the fact that you have used wireless technology, which is so important in a home or medical facility when attached wires are not only a nuisance but also a potential hazard."

Lois Symington, Ph.D.
Executive Director
East Tennessee Technology Access Center

"We have been extremely happy with our new REACH system. This system allows us to easily transition between multiple different users. It has been an easy system to learn as well as teach our clients. One of my favorite features includes the easy programmability of the voice recognition. This has been an added feature that our system in the past was just not capable of performing. It is definitely a user friendly system and many of our clients will be able to benefit from its versatility."

Trent West, PT
Manager of Outpatient PT and OT
Drake Center Inc.

"This is one of the easiest ECU's I have setup."

Pam Diedrich, ATP
Electrical Engineer
The University of Montana Rural Institute

"I can be in control of all the electronic devices in my room. I can call my family on the phone, change my TV stations, turn on my fan, and control my bed. But most importantly, I can summon my aide by turning on my call light. The [system] has changed my entire life!"

B. Nelsen
System User

"REACH is a very versatile EADL (electronic aid to daily living) system.The flexibility in physical accessing (touch screen, head mouse, voice or switch scan input) allows for ease in configuration for use by multiple clients or for quick change if a clients abilities change from AM to PM. It's page format versatility (number, size and arrangement of icons/page; font color, size and styles; color contrasts, types of feedback and activation time) is simple to reconfigure quickly. The use of infra-red transmission allows for greater numbers of devices to be automated in the client's environment without electrical interference. With the use of the IR Kit, IR commands no longer need to be line-of-sight. It is a full computer thus eliminating the need for an additional system and the challenges of multi-system integration. It is lightweight and very portable. It has a sturdy mounting system that permits access from both wheelchair and bed without needing to move the system between mounts. It has been my experience that Break Boundaries is a very responsive, service-oriented company with knowledgeable, highly trained staff. REACH is the most reliable and versatile EADL that I have worked with."

L. Kay Barker, OTR/L
Coordinator, Assistive Technologies
Beechwood Home

The Beechwood Story

The Beechwood Home is one of only three philanthropic homes in the nation. Residents of Beechwood Home are adults with illnesses/conditions such as multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, Parkinson's disease, Hunnington's disease, stroke, spinal cord injuries and birth defects. With these illnesses come a broad range of disabilities that can make many of these tasks challenging. These common tasks include controlling the light settings in their room and bathroom, opening and closing the door, controlling the blinds, controlling the entertainment system (TV, VCR, DVD, radio), using the telephone and controlling the bed.

Break Boundaries is working with Beechwood Home to implement assistive technology or Electronic Aids to Daily Living (EADL) to the resident rooms at the facility. Assistive technology or Electronic Aids to Daily Living are means to interact and manipulate one or more devices electronically (door, blinds) or electronic appliance (television, lights, elevator). The goal of the program is to give the residents more independence by allowing them to perform common tasks in their rooms.

With the system from Break Boundaries, the resident will be able to perform all of the above tasks with simple voice commands, with the touch of a button, or even slight movement of just about any body part. The controller can be mounted on a wheel chair, the bed, or table. If a voice input or touch input is not appropriate for the user, other devices can be used such as: a "sip-n-puff" switch (a pneumatic switch where the user sips on the nozzle to perform one action and puffs to perform another), pillow switches for triggering with head movements, floor switches that are activated using the foot, and devices that control the cursor by tracking a user's head movements.

Frank Allen, Chief Executive Officer of Home Technologies Corporation explains, "We have designed a system that is extremely easy to use and flexible enough to provide for the residents' needs. Beechwood Home is an amazing facility providing exceptional quality of care. Now a resident does not have to rely on staff to make a phone call, turn the channel on the TV or adjust the lighting."

Break Boundaries has installed versions of these systems in several rooms within the Beechwood Home. One of the resident, Bev Nelsen, has dealt with Multiple Sclerosis for 29 years. Due to the progression of the disease, she is unable to use her extremities. By simply using her voice, she now has full control over her television, VCR, stereo, desk lamp, telephone, motorized bed, and nurse call. Bev says, "The system has changed my entire life!"

"I believe the independence and control afforded by the system," states Kay Barker, Assistive Technology Coordinator at Beechwood Home, "has a very direct impact on the individual's feelings of self-worth and Quality of Life. The community is a happier, healthier environment in which to live and work. Residents have fewer needs. This not only facilitates more positive interactions between residents and staff but also permits the staff to address those residents with more critical medical needs more efficiently."

Along with systems in resident rooms, Break Boundaries has installed a system in Beechwood's EADL demonstration room. The demonstration room will allow staff to familiarize themselves with the system, provide demonstrations to the general public and those in the health care profession, as well as allow current and future residents to discover what options are available and to actually try the system themselves. The timeframe on additional phases is in development.

"The benefit of this system goes beyond Beechwood Home," says Allen. "This system as well as additional features can really benefit a person with disabilities or special needs in the home setting. Not only can it create more independence, but provide ease of care and peace of mind for the families."